Online Earning Websites in India
Online Earning Websites in India

Making money online is the easiest way, even though it is not easy. But developing your talents will also require time, effort, and energy to meet your financial goals ultimately. As a result, the Internet is a crazy place. Here lies the answer to almost every problem faced by modern society. Whether selling a product, teaching others about a topic, or learning a craft, everything can be found with a tap of the finger.

Online surveys, blogging, affiliate marketing, podcasting, and freelancing are some of the ways people can make money online these days. We have revealed some of the top online earning websites in India where you can either get a full-time job or generate passive income.

How do Online Earning Websites Work?

Various online earning websites in India help users to earn money in different ways. Let’s talk about the different types of websites and how they work.

1. Freelancing Websites:

For freelancers, Freelancing Websites like Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, and others provide a marketplace where users can meet potential clients. Generally, these websites let individuals post their services with costs for varying levels of complexity and difficulty.

Freelancing Websites merely serve as a bridge to connect buyers and sellers. These websites collect commission on the total order amount when an agreement is reached between two parties in exchange for offering a reliable and secure online work platform.

2. Partner Programs:

You can promote their services and goods to your network for free by using affiliate websites and partner programs like Earn Karo and YouTube. You receive a commission from these websites for every sale or lead you generate.


3. Surveys or Tasks:

How easy is it for you to earn money by doing basic daily tasks or answering surveys? To make money, these Internet businesses charge their clients – who are often startups and large companies – for their efforts to understand consumer behavior and change opinions. Websites like ySense collect and analyze information from your everyday answers and provide it to businesses in the form of insightful data. By selling the acquired data, users usually receive a small portion of the revenue from these websites.

4. Online Marketplace:

You can make money by contributing to the huge collection of usable assets on online marketplaces like Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and others. These assets include stock footage, images, movies, sound effects, and more. These are reliable websites, where with the proper approach and skills you can earn good money. Finally, the original inventor receives a portion of the money that online marketplaces charge their customers for the use of copyrighted information.

16 Best Online Earning Websites in India:

  1. YouTube (Video Sharing Website)
  2. Upwork (Freelancing Website)
  3. Fiverr (Freelancing Website)
  4. Guru (Freelancing Website)
  5. Google AdSense (Monetization Website)
  6. Shutterstock (Photo Selling Website)
  7. Dreamstime (Photo Selling Website)
  8. Swagbucks (Task Website)
  9. ySense (Task Website)
  10. Task Rabbit (Survey Website)
  11. Banana Bucks (Survey Website)
  12. EarnKaro (Affiliate Marketing Website)
  13. Facebook Marketplace
  14. Meesho (Ecommerce Website)
  15. Ebay (Ecommerce Website)
  16. 12% Club (Trading Website)



You can make money on YouTube by registering in the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube helps creators make money from their channels through a variety of means, including advertising revenue, channel subscriptions, Super Chat, Super stickers, merchandise shelves, and YouTube Premium revenue. You may also be eligible for the Shorts Incentive in addition to the YouTube Shorts Fund.


Eligibility Criteria on YouTube Monetization Requirements 2024:

YouTube Monetization Rules
eligibility criteria for YouTube Monetization Rule 2024

To be eligible for monetization on YouTube, you must first meet their requirements. This includes having three videos posted in the last ninety days, at least 500 subscribers, three thousand hours of viewing, and three million views from the general public on your YouTube clips.


Eligibility Criteria on YouTube Partner Program 2024:

Youtube Partner Program
eligibility criteria for YouTube Partner Program

Joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is the next step. YouTube offers this program as a means to enable content producers to make money from their videos through advertising, channel subscriptions, and other sources. Must meet YPP requirements. This includes following both community and YouTube policies.



It can be difficult to find reliable websites where you can make connections with potential freelance employers. While Upwork doesn’t provide jobs directly, it can help you find companies that are hiring independent contractors.

Editing, writing, graphic design, web development, ghostwriting, accounting, booking, and consulting are among the services you can offer. There is an infinite list. You are also allowed to choose the price at which you will bill for your services.

Determine the expertise you can offer, create an attractive, free profile, look for opportunities, and start submitting proposals to start making money. If you start getting great ratings, it will be easier to get new customers.



Fiverr is an online marketplace where clients around the world can find freelancers at affordable prices.

Their brand aims to simplify the recruitment process or working as a freelancer. The Internet marketplace eliminates the middlemen involved in hiring, firing, and human resources departments. Independent contractors are free to sell their services to any business at any time, and small businesses are better equipped to handle the work on an individual basis.

Any digital service, including transcriptions, NFT artwork, WordPress designs, logo designs, writing services, and voiceovers, can be purchased on Fiverr with an upfront payment option. While all services used to cost $5 when the website originally launched, freelancers can now choose their rates and offer packages or gig packages.


Guru: is an online freelance marketplace that connects customers and businesses with knowledgeable independent contractors or “gurus.”

Inder Guglani founded in 1998. It was one of the original freelancing marketplaces on the Internet and has been successful ever since. makes it easy for capable technical, creative, and professional freelancers to search the online freelance market. The network consists of over 1.5 million global freelancers willing to provide top-class work at affordable and competitive rates.

A freelancer can offer almost any professional service in exchange for payment. There are millions of different services available on; These include web, software, IT, design, art, multimedia, writing and translation, admin support, management and finance, engineering and architecture, sales and marketing, legal and many other specializations. There are so many options that any aspiring freelancer can choose to specialize in.


Google AdSense:

With Google AdSense, publishers can monetize their online content. AdSense adds appropriate ads to your website based on traffic and content. Ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to market their goods. The amount these advertisers are willing to spend for specific ads will determine how much you earn.

AdSense ads appear on all devices – desktop, mobile, and tablet. Cost per click (CPC) and profit per click (EPC) are used by AdSense. Publishers are compensated when visitors click on advertisements displayed on their websites.

The amount and type of traffic coming to your website, the number of advertisers in your niche, the type of content on your website, and the placement of your AdSense ads are some of the variables that affect how much money you will make from Google AdSense.



Shutterstock is an amazing and lucrative way for any artist to create an additional source of revenue that works even when you’re sleeping. Photographers can share, sell, and market their services on Shutterstock, the international marketplace.

It should come as no surprise that the Shutterstock platform has paid out over $1 billion in commissions to creators, considering you can earn up to 40% on a single photo.

Depending on what level you are in, your Shutterstock earnings increase as you sell more content licenses. There are multiple tiers of earnings for images, illustrations, vectors, and videos.

When producing content to sell on Shutterstock you must have full ownership of the copyright of the content. All your work should also be original.



Dreamstime is an online stock photography platform where users can sell their photos for profit. Photographers who upload their work to a website for sale receive a commission when a buyer purchases one of their photos. The size of the image and the amount of purchases it generates determine how much commission will be charged. Additionally, photographers can sign up for Dreamstime’s exclusive Photographer Program, which entitles them to special discounts and other revenue possibilities.



Since its inception in 2016, Swagbucks has become incredibly famous as an easy-to-use website for making money. All you need to do to start earning money is watch movies on YouTube and browse online stores like Amazon. If you love browsing online stores and watching videos, this option is perfect for you. Additionally, you can participate in online surveys to win gifts and prizes.

To earn rewards, you will have to complete some daily tasks after creating an account. Depending on the tasks you complete, you may get money in the form of gift cards and coupons or through bank transfers.



Users can earn rewards on the website ySense by doing simple online tasks. These are often referred to as GPT (Get Paid) sites. Market researchers from all over the world are encouraged and welcomed by this global organization.

The business was founded in 2007 and was previously known as Clixsense. The website changed its name to PTC (Paid-to-Click) in 2019. The business stopped offering PTC services in 2019 and now makes money from online surveys, among other things.


Task Rabbit:

TaskRabbit is an online platform that connects you with activities that need to be done in your area. An excellent technique to get money online is to do small jobs. As a freelancer who completes work for clients, you can register as a Tasker. From the list of jobs on the website, you can choose one and offer your skills to the client.

Depending on the work, you will receive a flat fee or hourly wage. The money is transferred directly to your bank account through the TaskRabbit platform. By directing new customers to TaskRabbit, you can also make money from the platform. If you recommend someone who does the work, you will receive a referral fee.


Banana Bucks:

Users of the internet platform Banana Bucks can earn money from various activities. Through the platform, users can get paid for watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, completing offers, and more. Users can also participate in the Banana Bucks affiliate program, which enables them to get paid for recommending friends and family to the platform, in addition to these duties. Finally, the Banana bucks store, which offers unique offers and discounts, allows customers to earn money.



With the deal-sharing website EarnKaro, you can collaborate with over 300 brands including Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, and many more. Whether you are a working professional, student, or housewife, this is a great way to earn some extra cash.

There are no fees to join EarnKaro, and no paperwork is required. By sharing your affiliate link with your friends, family, and network and getting paid a fee whenever someone makes a purchase using your link, you can easily earn up to ₹50,000 per month with EarnKaro.


Facebook Marketplace:

With Facebook Marketplace, users can buy and sell things locally or across the country. Users can buy, sell, and trade both new and used items. They can also refine their search results by price, category, and location. Almost everything can be bought or sold here. Everything that can be sold on Facebook is subject to certain limitations.

Facebook Marketplace’s business policy enumerates the items that are prohibited. Only sellers with an active Facebook account can use Facebook Marketplace. To increase your income, sell bundles, use keywords that appear in search results, price your products competitively, and respond quickly. You should also take clear pictures.



Anyone can start a business and make money online from the online marketplace Meesho. It is an online platform that connects consumers to manufacturers to help individuals start their businesses. It offers a wide variety of goods including electronics, home decor, and fashion and lifestyle items. Before you can earn money from Meesho you have to register as a reseller. After that, you will have access to the Meesho portal, where you can view and select items for resale.

To attract customers, you need to market your products on social media, WhatsApp, and other platforms after deciding who to sell to. Additionally, you can make profits by introducing additional resellers. When anyone buys something, you will get a commission. Additionally, you can earn money by using Meesho for promotions and contests.



Making money online on eBay is a great way to increase your income. It provides a great opportunity to buy and sell goods online profitably. To increase your exposure, you must first create an eBay account, locate the items to offer, post them for sale, and then advertise your listing.

You can make money selling a variety of items on eBay, including vintage, used, and even handmade items. Examine the items you are selling and price them appropriately to optimize your earnings. To increase sales, take extra advantage of free delivery options and other marketing initiatives. With the proper methods, you can make a respectable living from eBay.


12% Club:

The Reserve Bank of India has certified 12% Club, a BharatPe venture, as an NBFC and an online platform for peer-to-peer lending. Making money with 12% Club is easy and requires no effort. All you have to do is fund the platform with your own money. That is all. The website charges higher interest rates from people who borrow your money and lend it to those in need. Finally, the platform promises an annual return of 12% on any amount invested.

Final Words:

In the era of rapid expansion of the Internet, there are many opportunities to earn a living online. These are some of the most trusted online job-finding platforms that let you work from home. Most online income-generating tasks often involve determining an audience’s problem and then demonstrating how you and your offering can address it. Similarly, even though the websites listed above are our top picks for making money online, you still have access to plenty of additional opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make Money from Online Websites?

By using few steps you can make money online from online websites: Online Freelance Work, Testing Wbsites and Apps, By using AI tools, Surveys and Tasks, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, By publishing Ebboks, Become an Influencer, Make a Video on YouTube and more.

Here are some of the best websites in India to earn money online are Facebook Marketplace, Google Adsense, EarnKaro, YouTube, Upwork, and Shutterstock. Where you can sign up and start making money online using social networking, affiliate marketing, or selling goods and services online.

Yes. The ever-changing Internet landscape has created many real opportunities to make money from home. You don’t need any special knowledge or certification to start making money online.

A website can be used to make money in a variety of ways, including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling advertising space, offering a service, and bringing in leads and subscribers.

As a freelancer and social media influencer, you can earn money daily by engaging in stock market trading, affiliate marketing, domain buying and selling, and blogging.

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