Bloody Daddy 2023 Movie Review: Shahid Kapoor’s Tryout for The Desi John Wick

Bloody Daddy 2023 Movie Review Rating:  3 Star
Star Cast:  Shahid Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Sanjay Kapoor, Rajeev Khandelwal, Diana Penty, Zeishan Quadri & more
Director:  Ali Abbas Zafar
Available On:  Jio Cinema Watch Now
Run Time:  123 Min.
Bloody Daddy 2023 Movie Review
Bloody Daddy Movie Review
In Delhi’s Connaught Place, just after the COVID second wave, two persons steal an important bag containing cocaine worth millions of rupees. We see a car collide with another vehicle. Sumair (Shahid Kapoor) is one of the NCB employees who stole from the company. The bad guy Sikander (Ronit Roy), who is responsible for the drugs that were discovered, kidnaps the hero’s son to use as leverage to get NCB to hand over his cocaine.
Bloody Daddy Movie Star Cast
Bloody Daddy Movie Star Cast
After receiving the instruction from Sikander to travel to Dubai from Gurugram, Sumair (Shahid Kapoor) decides to sacrifice the cocaine for his son. Sumair is followed by his squad when he checks into his five-star hotel, so he now has to deal with two distinct groups of people before reaching his son. The primary concept is what occurs afterward and how he manages to find his son.


Bloody Daddy 2023 Movie Review: Star Performance

Shahid Kapoor is putting on an act to be the “Desi John Wick,” and he does well in some areas. His obvious charm beckons you to stand by him and support him as his hands bleed.
With his extra-evil smirk, Ronit Roy adds Black to the grey characters he portrays. By portraying Mr. Bajaj on television and Sikander in this one, he demonstrates the variety of his acting by switching from being a good guy to a very good evil guy.
Bloody Daddy Movie Review
Bloody Daddy Movie Star Performance

Despite having little screen time, Sanjay Kapoor gets some of the funniest lines, providing the best comic relief amidst the mayhem. Another TV performer who strikes the perfect balance between being hilarious and endearing at the same time is Rajeev Khandelwal. Diana Penty is utterly useless.


Bloody Daddy 2023 Movie Review: My Opinion

Bloody Daddy is a decent one-time-watching movie, in my opinion. The creators made an effort to experiment with many genres, and to some extent they were successful. Although the editing could have been more fluid, the action moments are pretty exciting. Though it would have improved the whole experience, I am disappointed that the film was not released in theatres. In general, I liked the movie.

Bloody Daddy 2023 Movie Trailer

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