Are you looking for the best street food in Jaipur? Jaipur promises a feast for the eyes with an abundance of colors to delight the palate as well. ChaatSweet Churmathick lassi, and delicious sweets are just a few of the many sensations the local cuisine has to offer.

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is home to grand forts, opulent palaces, rich cultural heritage, and of course, delicious cuisine. It has everything that one can expect during a holiday in one of the Best Tourist Places in Jaipur.

You might wonder, what else does Jaipur have to offer apart from delicious thalis, Dal Baati Churma, Lal Maas, and Kadhi? The Pink City will pleasantly surprise you with the variety of Street Food it offers at this point.

Indulging in the famous street food in Jaipur is like embarking on a cultural adventure; You never know what surprises are going to come your way, and they will all be incredibly thrilling.


Best Street Food in Jaipur:

When searching for the Jaipur Street Food, it guarantees a feast for the eyes, with a variety of colors to delight the palate.

Foodies in Jaipur describe their favorite restaurants across the city, both famous and unknown. 

Here are some of the Famous Street Food in Jaipur that you must try because of their irresistible taste.

Golgappa / Paani Patasi:

Street Food in Jaipur

Gol Gappa makes famous and exquisite Street Food which has been attracting tourists to Jaipur. Its delicious and tempting taste will make you a fan of this little guppy in no time.


Aloo Ki Tikki:

Aloo Tikki Best Chaat in Jaipur
Aloo Tikki

The delicious and most famous Aloo Tikki can be found eating on the streets of North India. This hot dish includes Aloo Tikki, or fried potato patties, along with yogurt, spicy green chutney, and other sweets. resulting in a beautiful fusion of taste and texture.


Chole Bhature:

Best Chole Bhature in Jaipur
Chole Bhature

Food trends are delectable, but let’s face it: Chole Bhature will always be a famous Jaipur dish, no matter how many other trends come and go. There is nothing more beautiful than watching steam rising from golden Bhaturas. This combined with the creamy, flaky texture of chickpeas and the spiciness of green chilies creates a mouthwatering mouthwatering flavor that makes us sigh just thinking about it.

If you share our passion for this uniquely Best Street Food of Jaipur, then prepare for a mouth-watering session with this famous list!


Pyaz Kachori:

Pyaaz Kachori
Pyaaz Kachori

This is one of the Best Jaipur Street Food and should never be missed. Although these Pyaz Ki Kachoris are heavy in calories, their taste more than makes up for it. Once you taste this delicious dish, you will not be able to stop yourself from wanting to eat more.


Kathi Roll:

Best Kathi Rolls in Jaipur
Kathi Rolls

If you want to enjoy rolls and want to find a place where you can find some incredible types of Kathi Rolls and Chicken Rolls, then you must visit the Best Street Food of Jaipur. There are many different types of saddle rolls available to choose from.

It is so delicious that you will fall in love with it at first taste. Your trip to Jaipur will be incomplete if you haven’t tried Jaipur Kathi Rolls.



Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji

One of the Best Jaipur Street Food that is available at any time of the day is Pav Bhaji. It can be consumed as a complete meal or snack. The incredible spicy and buttery flavor of this dish is always an irresistible invitation to travelers.

Most of the locals and tourists love to eat pav bhaji, which is one of the Famous Street Foods in Jaipur. The taste of this dish will make you forget everything.



Best Shrikhand in Jaipur

The best Shrikhand in Jaipur can be found at Falahar. The vegetarian population of the city has made this restaurant a favorite with dishes like Sabudana khichdi and Sabudana Dahi Vada. If you’ve never tried Sabudana before, you’re missing out on something delicious.

Also, this place is famous for its butter lassifruit creamAam kalakand, and of course, Shrikhand! Don’t forget to eat Shrikhand here as it is one of the famous sweets in Jaipur which is relished by all in one plate.



Kulfi Faluda:

Best Kulfi Faluda in Jaipur
Kulfi Faluda

When it comes to the famous sweets of Jaipur, nothing can compare to the taste of Kulfi Faluda. It is one of the best Indian sweets and has also attracted tourists in recent years. Apart from being a famous street food in Jaipur, it is a favorite at weddings, parties, and other special occasions.

When combined with scrumptious Yellow Falooda Noodles, the scrumptious Kulfi becomes the perfect dessert not to be missed.


Moong Dal Cheela:

Best Healthy Street Food Dal Cheela
Dal Cheela

Moong Dal Chilla is one of the Best Jaipur Street Food, which should be at the top of your list if you are looking for spicy, healthy street food in Jaipur that you can eat without feeling guilty. Fresh coriander is added as a garnish to this pancake of lentils (mung beans) and regional spices, which is heated on a tawa. Some traders also add chopped green chillies, paneer, and onions.

Tandoori Food:

Street food in Jaipur
Tandoori Food

When it comes to the most popular Tandoori food, it is also famous in Jaipur. Spicy, crispy, juicy, and crispy tandoori food from Jaipur is the ideal combination to instantly uplift anyone’s taste buds and mood. 

Street vendors will provide you with a wide selection of tandoori food items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The flavors and spices of the various foods are quite appealing.



Best Street Food in Jaipur

Dosa is one of the best South Indian dishes in Jaipur, where both locals and visitors enjoy the unique taste of the food. Along with the dosa prepared on the street corners of Jaipur, mashed potatoes, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and sambar- improve the overall taste of the dish. moreover, you can adjust the spices and flavors of the dosa to your liking.





If you haven’t had crispy pakoras then you have missed out on many amazing flavors of Jaipur street food. The star of the show and the highlight of the city is Jaipur’s crispy pakoras. Over a cup of tea in the evening, you can see a large number of locals gathering around street vendors selling Pakodas.

Many tourists who are looking for fast food or takeaway at a reasonable price find this to be their famous street food in Jaipur.



Most Famous Street Chaat in Jaipur

The street food of Jaipur cannot be considered complete without mentioning the world-famous Chaat. Various chaats including Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Papri Chaat, Aloo Chaat, and many more are what make Jaipur so attractive to visitors as well as its citizens.

These exquisite chaats can be bought from various neighborhood vendors at reasonable prices. The spicy taste of chaat is quite appealing.F

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