Without visiting Jaipur, a vacation to India would be incomplete. Jaipur, often known as “The Pink City,” is a princely wonderland of culture and legacy that is bursting with architectural marvels. It is so-called because of the blushing color of its historical structures. Also, it is an important stop on the Famous Tourist Places in the Jaipur route known as the “Golden Triangle” of India.

Be ready to be mesmerized by the opulence of Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur. You may experience the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by the Jaipur royal family at City Palace. The Jantar Mantar observatory’s astronomy equipment is right next door, bringing the wonders of space to Earth. You could also be able to attend one of the Most Famous Festivals in India hosted throughout the year, such as the International Kite Festival in January or the Elephant Festival in the early spring, depending on the Best time to visit Jaipur.


Top Best Places to Visit in Jaipur:


You will appreciate exploring the Best Tourist Places in Jaipur and learning about the way of life there. Among other Things to do in Jaipur, you can discover some of the Top Things to Do in Jaipur to make your trip worthwhile. 

Going to nearby sites and visiting the Famous Tourist Places in Jaipur are both possible during a Travel to Jaipur.

The Top Tourist Attractions in Jaipur are listed below:


Amer Fort and Palace:

Amer Fort in Jaipur
Amer Fort and Place

Amber Palace is a Famous Tourist attraction in Jaipur and is situated amidst the gorgeous and rugged Aravalli Hills. Raja Man Singh, I placed the cornerstone for this palace, and Mirja Raja Jai Singh finished it. The splendor is enhanced by the seductive charm of the red sandstone and white marble.

Inside Amber Palace, Sheesh Mahal, commonly known as the “Palace of Mirror,” is another fascinating hall to explore. This hall, which is decorated with countless mirror tile pieces, was constructed such that even a single ray of light may illuminate the entire space.


Nahargarh Fort:

Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur
Nahargarh Fort

The Nahargarh Fort is the Best Tourist Place in Jaipur to go to if you want to see the entire city of Jaipur. Formerly known as Sudarshangarh and later renamed Nahargarh or the Abode of Tigers, Nahargarh Fort was constructed by Jai Singh II

This fort was built by the former Maharaja of Jaipur to enhance local security. The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, it also provided British wives with a safe haven.

Its fort’s rooms are tastefully furnished with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings and are connected by shared hallways. Also, the royal families used this fort as the Best Picnic Spot in Jaipur and for summer outings in Jaipur. The Maharajas of Jaipur enjoyed hunting in the jungles around Nahargarh Fort.

Nahargarh Biological Park:

Nahargarh Biological Park in Jaipur
Nahargarh Biological Park

In Jaipur’s Nahargarh Biological Park, which is situated around the Aravali mountain range, visitors can see a variety of wildlife and have a great time with friends and family. 

The natural habitat of regal creatures like lions and tigers is this refuge! a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the magnificent wildlife that Rajasthan has to offer. This outing is appropriate for people of all ages.

Hawa Mahal:

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
Hawa Mahal

One of the Famous Places in Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of the Winds or the Palace of the Breeze. Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh constructed the Hawa Mahal, a five-story addition designed to resemble a honeycomb, in 1798. 

This unusual structure contains 953 tiny windows, or jharokhas, that are adorned with elaborate latticework. The entire palace is a representation of Lord Krishna, the Hindu deity’s crown.

Despite being an antique structure, Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh’s scientific outlook is clearly visible in this palace. No of the time of year or the season, a pleasant air constantly lingers within this palace because of the way its windows have been constructed. 

For this reason, Hawa Mahal was a famous summer vacation spot in Jaipur for the Rajput family and is still a Famous Tourist attraction in Jaipur today.

Jal Mahal:

Jal Mahal in Jaipur
Jal Mahal

This palace, which is situated in the center of Man Sagar Lake, combines Rajput and Mughal architectural traditions. Jal Mahal is a five-story structure made of red sandstone, four of which are submerged when the lake is full. This makes Jal Mahal one of the Best tourist attractions in Jaipur and gives visitors a beautiful view of the palace, making it a must-see on any trip to the city.

Jal Mahal is surrounded by a variety of fish species, colorful migrating birds, and other native wildlife because of its position. Some of the migratory species that frequent the area around Jal Mahal include flamingos, great crested grebes, pintail ducks, kestrels, coots, and grey wagtails.

Jaigarh Fort:

Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur
Jaigarh Fort

The palaces and forts in Jaipur are all distinctive in their own ways. The Jaigarh Fort is the most attractive fort and palace in Rajasthan, according to the Top list of  Tourist attractions to see in Jaipur

The Cheel ka Teela or the Hill of Eagles, a rocky promontory of the Aravalli Hills, is where this fort is located. When compared to other forts and palaces in Jaipur, the Jaigarh Fort will undoubtedly be the most impressive looking.

The Ram Harihar Temple, the Kal Bhairav Temple, and a museum that displays prehistoric weapons and ammunition are some of the Top places to visit in Jaipur. Once a popular cannon foundry of the Mughals and Rajputs, Jaigarh Fort is also home to Jaivana, the world’s largest cannon-on-wheels.

Jantar Mantar:

Jantar Mantar in Jaipur
Jantar Mantar

One of the greatest theorists in ancient India was Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the king of Jaipur. The King created five astronomy instruments to investigate space after completing the milestones of building the planned city of Jaipur and several other scientific and architectural apexes. 

The name Jantar Mantar, which translates to Calculation Instrument, was given to these devices. UNESCO has designated the largest of these instruments, which is in Jaipur, as a World Heritage Site.

Today, Jantar Mantar is a popular tourist place in Jaipur and a groundbreaking resource for students studying amateur astronomy.

Birla Mandir:

Birla Mandir in Jaipur
Birla Mandir

The well-known Birla Mandir temples can be found in a number of Most Famous Places in India. In addition to playing an important role in the people’s beliefs and traditions, Jaipur’s Birla Mandir has recently grown in popularity as a top tourist attraction in Jaipur

Many Hindu temples constructed of red sandstone or white marble may be found throughout India thanks to the Birla family.

There are multiple stained glass windows in it that display different scenes from Hindu scriptures. The images of Lakshmi and Narayan are quite lovely since they are fashioned of superb quality marble, and Lord Ganesh is seated above the lintel.

Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple:

Moti Dungri Ganesh Mandir in Jaipur
Moti Dungri Ganesh Mandir

Lord Ganesha’s Moti Dungri Temple is renowned for its heavenly strength. All throughout the year, a large number of tourists and visitors converge there. For holidays like Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Janmashtami, Annakut, and Paush Bada, the temple serves as the best tourist attraction in Jaipur

Scholars and architects come here to have a flavor of the rich cultural heritage of the city. Thousands of devotees participate in the preparation of festivities and pay their regards to God Ganesha.

Albert Hall Museum:

Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur
Albert Hall Museum

Not all of the Historical Sites in Jaipur are forts and palaces. The oldest museum in Rajasthan, Albert Hall Museum, is home to a wealth of items that offer a window into the long history and cultural heritage of the area. T

his museum, which bears the name of the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, houses a substantial collection of metal, carpets, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and things made of ivory. 

One of India’s six “Egyptian Mummies” is kept in this museum. The Brugsch Bey of the Museum of Cairo donated this mummy to the collection as a memento.

City Palace:

City Palace Jaipur
City Palace

One of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Jaipur is the City Palace, which is situated in the center of the city. This palace’s architecture is a beautiful fusion of Rajput and Mughal traditions

Exquisite engravings and exquisite artwork give this area a unique attractiveness. Adorned with sprawling gardens, courtyards, halls, royal residences, and art galleries, every part of this palace reflects Rajputana’s glory. 

The palace also houses a museum where you will come across the royal garments used by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I.

Galta Ji Temple:

Galtaji The Monkey Temple Jaipur
Galtaji The Monkey Temple

One of The Best Tourist Places in Jaipur is the Galta Ji Temple, which is revered as a profoundly sacred site with immeasurable historical places in Jaipur significance. 

The main temple, Galta Ji, is the center of the complex, which is actually a collection of smaller temples. The temples are located in the Aravalli highlands, inside a narrow mountain pass. 

Galta Ji is also known as Galwar Bagh or the Monkey Temple because of the numerous monkeys that live there. The langur monkeys and rhesus macaque are the species of monkeys that you can see at Galta Ji.

Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Temple:

Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Mandir Jaipur
Khole Ke Hanuman Ji Mandir

The Khole Ke Hanuman Temple is surrounded by hills on three sides. This temple honors Lord Hanuman, a Hindu deity, and was constructed in 1960. With its breathtaking vistas of the Aravallis and tranquil environment, it is the Famous Hindu Temple in Jaipur

Every day of the year, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays, this Hanuman temple in Jaipur sees a lot of tourists. Persons from all religions, local residents, and tourists visit the temple. The best time to visit the Khole Ke Hanuman Ji temple is around 7:00 PM when the evening aarti is performed.

Govind Dev Ji Temple:

Govind Dev Ji Temple Jaipur
Govind Dev Ji Temple

The Govind Devji Temple in Jaipur is the most significant historical site for Rajasthani kings and is a well-known and venerated destination of devotion in Rajasthan.

Lord Govind Devji, one of Lord Krishna’s earthly incarnations who is venerated as the primary deity of the Kachwaha Dynasty of Amber/Amer kings, is the subject of the temple. The Govind Ji Temple’s marble and sandstone building has a golden overlay covering the ceilings.

The Govind Ji Temple’s marble and sandstone building has a golden overlay covering the ceilings. The architecture of the temple is a fusion of Rajasthani, Muslim, and classical Indian designs.

Exquisite paintings and chandeliers cover the walls, as befits a building built near a royal palace. Talkatora is the name of the lovely garden that encircles the temple.

Akshardham Temple:

Akshardham Temple in Jaipur
Akshardham Temple

Swaminarayan Mandir Akshardham Temple is one of the Famous tourist attractions of Jaipur. The temple is known for its beautiful architecture, magnificent idols, sculptures, and carvings. and is dedicated to the Hindu God, Narayan.

Akshardham temple provides a real glimpse of Indian architecture, cultural heritage, and sculptures of Hindu gods to visitors. It is located in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.

Statue Circle:

Statue Circle in Jaipur
Statue Circle

Almost half of Jaipur’s population walks by the Statue Circle every day, which is located in the city’s center. It is likewise a Popular Picnic spot in Jaipur.

This circle, dedicated to Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the creator of the Pink City, is embellished with lovely gardens, marble carvings, and fountains. In honor of the fabled Maharaja, a life-size statue of him made of white marble was placed in the center of the circle.

This circle transforms into a charming gathering spot for both locals and tourists in the evenings. The local vendors who deal in all the spicy and tongue-tingling restaurants make the evening a lovely meeting, and lighting adds to the circle’s magical atmosphere.

Masala Chowk:

Masala Chowk in Jaipur
Masala Chowk

Foodies, come ready to fill your bellies at this market with Famous Street Food Places in Jaipur. Visitors may savor 22 flavors of the Pink City in one location at this outdoor food court in Jaipur.

Get spoilt for choice by tasting foods like Pani Puri, samosas, dosas, chaat, Pyaz Ki Kachori, sandwiches, pakoras, Jalebi, and others. Also, the costs are not prohibitive. Thus, enjoy tasty meals without worrying about the cost. You will like to taste food from every food outlet here.

Panna Meena Ka Kund:

Panna Meena Ka Kund in Jaipur
Panna Meena Ka Kund

An old stepwell is called Panna Meena ka Kund or Panna Meena ki Baoli. It served as both a water source and a community gathering place at that time.

It was built in the 16th century and has stepwell-enclosing crisscross stair patterns, recessed doors, and octagonal gazebos. This eight-story stepwell’s symmetrical stairs are so well constructed that they will make for an amazing photo opportunity. These are the explanations for why it is among the most popular tourist destinations in Jaipur.

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh:

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh Jaipur
Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh

A Most Famous Tourist Attraction in Jaipur is the Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace, where visitors may take in the amazing beauty of the scenic garden and the exquisite architectural detail displayed on the palace walls. 

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II constructed it in 1728, and it is situated about 6 kilometers from Jaipur City. Tiered gardens with fountains, waterways, and vibrant pavilions make up this area. This is one of the Best Tourist Places in Jaipur to see if you’re taking a sightseeing tour of the city.

Central Park:

Central Park Jaipur
Central Park

Situated in the heart of Jaipur, Central Park claims of being the Biggest Park in Jaipur. There are singing fountains, a temple, a 5-kilometer walking and jogging track, and beautiful stone statues.

The 206-foot high pole with the National Flag fluttering on it all day and night is a distinctive feature of this area. The area is a sanctuary for bird lovers as well as being home to a diverse variety of birds.

Jawahar Circle or Patrika Gate:

Patrika Gate in Jawahar Circle Park Jaipur
Patrika Gate in Jawahar Circle Park

As the name implies, Jawahar Circle is a circular park encircled by a rose garden and is known as the
largest park in India. Both a specially designed jogging track and a play area with additional amenities are provided for children. Take a stroll around the park’s lush plantations and take in the stunning scenery.

At its chaat bazaar, you can also find Street food stalls selling pav-bhaji, Bombay sandwiches, lassis, custard kulfis, and a variety of other dishes. Also, there are some shops selling locally-made items. Another feature of this place is the Musical Fountain which displays 290 different light effects.

Chulgiri Jain Temple:

Chulgiri Jain Temple Jaipur
Chulgiri Jain Temple

You may categorize it as one of those Best Tourist Places in Jaipur that offers a beautiful vista with a feeling of a painting. All thanks to the surrounding Aravalli mountain ranges. In reality, the Jain Chulgiri is a Digambara shrine. It’s quite fascinating to climb the temple’s stairs.

You will be rewarded for completing the challenging ascent with stunning views of the surrounding woodlands once you reach the summit. A holistic path through its rich vegetation is very refreshing and dispels all unfavorable emotions.

Bhangarh Fort:

Bhangarh Fort Jaipur
Bhangarh Fort

Definitely not for the weak of the heart! Haunted Places in Jaipur if you wish to see the odd tourist attractions in Jaipur. A little city with temples, palaces, and several gates is encircled by a sinister atmosphere.

There are several local legends about the fort’s paranormal activity. The whimsical tales may appear odd, but the narratives were so pervasive that the whole fort city was evacuated and the residents built a new town nearby it.

Abhaneri Stepwell:

Abhaneri Stepwell Jaipur
Abhaneri Stepwell

Abhaneri, a reputable FamousRajasthani village in Jaipur, is located approximately 95 kilometers from Jaipur. The original name of the place was Abha Nagri, which means “city of light,” but through time, due to mispronunciation, it came to be known as Abhaneri.

The city still proudly shows its ruins, and tourists from all over the world come here in sheer joy. Here, the Chand Baori or Abhaneri stepwell is a popular destination in Jaipur.

Gatore Ki Chatriyan:

Gatore Ki Chatriyan Jaipur
Gatore Ki Chatriyan

The Kachwahas, a Rajput dynasty, had their crematorium grounds at Gatore ki Chhatriyan, a little outside of Jaipur. It is situated in a serene area and comprises several lovely cenotaphs that mark the places where the prior rulers’ official cremations took place. Maharaja Jai Singh II, the man who founded Jaipur, was behind the design of the site.

Garh Ganesh Temple:

Garh Ganesh Temple Jaipur
Garh Ganesh Temple

The historic Garh Ganesh Temple was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. The Aravalli Hills, it is located close to the forts of Nahargarh and Jaigarh. The main object of worship at this shrine is Lord Ganesh in his baby form (Vigra Purushakriti).

When Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh conducted the Ashwamedha Yagna, the Garh Ganesh Temple was built, which was over 300 years ago. After the temple’s construction was complete, he set the first stone of Jaipur City.

The Maharaja used his binoculars to observe the idol from Chandra Mahal while he was a resident at the City Palace. The temple is housed in a structure like a fortress, surrounded by sandstone walls, and guarded by guns.

The building is easily recognizable from a distance thanks to a massive painted Swastika that covers one of the walls. This temple is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jaipur by both tourists and believers.

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall:

Rajmandir Cinema Hall in Jaipur
Rajmandir Cinema Hall

Raj Mandir, a meringue-shaped movie theatre complex, is one of the best places in Jaipur to watch all the Bollywood masala movies. It is situated on Bhagwan Das Road. This movie theatre complex has become incredibly well-known among both locals and tourists.

This movie complex, which was constructed in 1976 and is frequently referred to as the Pride of Asia, has a seating capacity of 1300 people. This theatre has currently shown a number of both private and public film premieres. 

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