April 03. 2024

The summer season in India is incomplete without desi drinks. These are such drinks for which you will not have to pay because you can make them at home.

A very simple and fizzy drink made with lemon, masala, and fresh mint leaves. It can refresh and revitalize you in just a few minutes.


If you are fond of mango then Aam Panna is the best option for you among summer beverages. Its taste is very spicy and refreshing and helps in providing relief from the scorching heat.

Aam Panna

The popular North Indian drink is made with spices, coriander leaves, lemon, and tamarind as main ingredients. Serve chilled and enjoy!


Masala Chaach is another summer drink that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere in the country. This traditional drink is mainly salty and will help provide you with energy during the summer days.

Masala chaach

Hailing from Bihar, Sattu Sharbat is another great summer drink. It is quite filling and healthy and can be enjoyed both sweet and salty.

Sattu sharbat